Let’s face it: DSLRs are heavy.

Not in the way of, ‘pick it up at a store’ heavy but the deadweight around my neck when I’m out for the day taking a hike or working with clients. It just wears on and on about you. So, what’s the solution? Maybe something more like Fuji’s new X-T1. It’s a new mirrorless camera that’s much smaller than the DSLR’s but if I’m not shooting professionally, but still want gorgeous pictures. I’m taking this baby with me instead.

From the outside, the design is definitely more industrial looking than some of the others in the X line. The hardware is magnesium alloy which makes it all weather proof from the natural elements. The LCD is tiltable while the buttons seem large and ergonomical. The real new sexy feature is the hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder with an OLED screen with hardly any lag. It’s a class above the competition and makes a huge difference in its usability. The image processor and sensor is the one from the X-E2.

It’s retail price is around $1200 from what I’ve seen. That’s quite a steep purchase for me, perhaps I’ll look to some of the older fuji’s on sale because the ‘new kid on the block’ is out.

Final Conclusion: I WANT IT.