If you’ve ever bought a condo, then you know there’s that awkward time with your real estate lawyer which you just fill dead time with talk of the weather and bad jokes. I asked my lawyer why he chose to become a real estate lawyer as opposed to another kind such as corporate, trial, divorce, or patent. He said simply,

“When people buy a house, they’re happy”

For that reason, wedding photography are my favorite kind of photography.As opposed to other types of photography such as business head shots, everyone is (usually) happy as it’s a once in a lifetime event for the couple where their friends and family are there. There’s a central focus to the event. Happy people make happy photos.

To be able to document that is an honor for any photographer, the photographer’s work will be looked upon with fond memories by the couple forever. A photo can convey the person and event’s mood with emotion while sprinkling Ideas and messages across in a way that no amount of words can. Good photographers, like good authors, take pictures with purpose. A style perhaps or tone. A past that introduces a relationship. A present that is in the moment telling the story of the wedding, and a future that leaves everyone wanting more. 

A good structure can make a story relevant to the audience. How a couple met. Or even look into the future of where they’re going. Using themes can bind the story together. Some types of themes include visual (colors, shapes), style, and location.

Personally, I’m a big fan of a different type of wedding photography called wedding photojournalism. Unlike traditional wedding photography, there’s much less posing for the camera, both as individuals or in groups. There’s less of a set list that must be shot. The photographer tries to be more of a fly on the wall as opposed to a director. It’s much more natural than portraits but can be just as beautiful.

This does not mean that the bride and groom won’t get the more ‘traditional’ shots though. 

A good place to find wedding photojournalist is at http://www.wpja.com/. You can browse by location depending on where you get married. I’m personally a fan of Chicago wedding photojournalist, Liz Lui.

Liz Lui Chicago Wedding Photography

I think the world is ready for something different and not as cookie cutter. What do you think?

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