Who shoots the wedding photographer’s wedding?

More specifically, what happens when one of the top wedding photographers in Chicago gets married in Istanbul and needs a photographer?


She hires one of the Benj Haisch from Seattle, Washington.

Benj is regarded as one of the best known photogs in the world. He not only shoots weddings but also the Seattle Seahawks. He has almost 10,000 likes on facebook and has been represented on all relevant photography magazines. His style is definitely more photojournalistic but in this case since it was a very small elopement, the pictures seem to just follow the couple around Istanbul. That pictures are just amazing. It seemed to be a beautiful day there and Benj just follows them on their journey throughout the city. What I love most about how he works is that he just lets the location, the couple, and the light do all the talking.

The result is STUNNING.

Just take a look their pictures and look how beautiful they are. It makes me want to go to Turkey so bad! That’s definitely next on my travel list.

Now, going back to the original question. Choosing a photographer is not an easy task and the kind of work they post on their site is usually the best in their portfolio. It’s how they want to be presented. It doesn’t mean, you’ll be getting the same pictures though. I think it’s important to contact the photographer and do a sort of interview either face to face or skype or facetime etc etc. Because then you can use your human spidey senses so to speak to really gauge who they are as a person and photographer. Remember, it’s not only about the photographer but how you AND the photographer will work TOGETHER. You can never really know unless you get to know them a little bit better.

Getting someone to shoot for you is not cheap so it’s best to do your due diligence as you’re going to be spending hours with them on your most important day.